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Worship training for your entire church.

Massively discounted plans to help you develop new musicians across your entire organization, and fill gaps in your worship ministry.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Step #1:  Purchase a plan, which will have a free trial before you are charged (to allow for setup/import time).

Optional (Recommended):  Send an email preparing your congregation, announce it on Sunday & social media channels explaining how they can best use it (we can help with this!)

Step #2:  Send a .CSV file with your list name & email in the format:

John Doe,[email protected]
Jane Smith,[email protected]

Step #3:  We import your list & send welcome emails to your church

At this time, ZJC representatives must do this for you.  Please email us a .CSV file clearly labeled with the users you would like to add & remove.  Please use the format:

John Doe,[email protected]
Jane Smith,[email protected]

We would love to offer administrator accounts for team subscriptions in the future, but have no timetable on when this feature might be added.

All plans come with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.  You can receive a refund if you're not satisfied.

If you request a refund, all accounts on your list will have their subscription access revoked.

Generally, we do not delete accounts if refunds are issued.  We don't want to delete progress if your members subscribe individually. 

However, in certain cases, we may need to delete accounts (i.e. a 10k member list is imported, and then a refund is issued 2 days later).  We will notify you & your users before this occurs.


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