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Learn to hear worship music by ear:

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By the end of this course, you'll know:

 How to play rhythm, including power chords, high lead rhythm shapes & bar chords.

 Learning strategies to quickly identify notes across the entire fretboard

 Highly useful scale patterns, intervals & lead positions for all strings & keys

 Common guitar movements such as vibrato, bending & more

 How to use music theory to create memorable, iconic lead parts

 How to serve your team, play around vocals & become a lead player your worship leader loves to have on the team

 And much more!

  Includes 234 min. video run time, 175 multiple choice quiz/test questions, 25 paragraph-answer critical thinking questions, 9 Coaching Community prompts & 3 posts. 

✅  Ask questions via comments

(Used in multiple courses:  10 min video, 6 quiz questions & 3 posts.)

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