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Learn worship fast.

You want to serve on a worship team...

...but learning is challenging, expensive & time-consuming.

After 21 years on this music & ministry journey, I know how you feel.  

What if there was a faster way to get ready for worship ministry?

The answer?

Courses + Coaching = Results


"Zac speaks with an authority that commands your attention, and combines it with a gentleness and humility that makes you WANT to hear what he's going to say next. He is knowledgeable beyond his years!"

Dr. Evie Parkhurst
Assistant Director of Campus Ministry,
The University of Findlay

"I never thought I could be part of the team...Zac was very patient and helpful...setting clear goals and guidance as I steadily improved...I've been on the team for close to two years and love every minute."

Elsabé Fourie
Quest Community Church

"Our team was impressed at his ability to knowledgeably and capably teach multiple instruments, and with his leadership overall, sensing the love of Christ in the care and competence with which he leads."

Matt Ginter
Director of Campus Ministry,
The University of Findlay

"Zac’s coaching is insightful, encouraging and challenging. He quickly establishes rapport and is very knowledgeable...our team deeply appreciated his input and admired his character."

Dr. Josiah Parkhurst
Assistant Director of Campus Ministry,
The University of Findlay

"Zac encouraged me to push myself to grow in areas that I needed to work on with tact. He has an awesome ability to address someone in practice and encourage them while still acknowledging the area of growth."

Daniel Barnes
Worship Leader,
Quest Community Church

"Zac has led worship at Grace Pointe multiple times now. His impact on the worship team has always been positive. He is an excellent collaborator and worship coach. He makes everyone around him better."

Brad Kittle
Senior Pastor,
Gracepointe Community Church

Step 1: Get Functional

Courses are designed to save you time in the learning process, so you can serve faster, with less hassle & more fun.

Step 2: Expand Your Toolbelt

Over 200 video lessons, quizzes, tests, critical thinking questions & more, with content for beginners & veterans alike.


Step 3: Prepare Professionally

Learn direct from a worship pastor who's served over 400 churches & ministries across 45 US states & South Africa.

Course #1: Acoustic
(Be Worshipful & Creative)

By the end of this course, you'll know:

- Over 100 chords, inversions & variations across 8 content-rich modules, plus Intro & Final Exams

- Best practices for keys of G, D, C, E & A, as well as how to transpose, access any key with a capo, bar chords & acceptable substitutes for difficult chords

- 3 alternate tunings unique to Zac's style of worship leading for a better sound & easier chording (you likely won't find these anywhere else!)

Includes over 2 hours of video, plus quizzes, tests & more to help you retain what you've learned


"6 Hacks To Learn Instruments Faster"

Download your free copy today:

Course #2: Bass
(Play Your 1st Song
In An Hour)

By the end of this course, you'll know:

- Right & left hand technique, as well as all notes on bass, transposing & inversions

- How to operate on bass in a worship team setting

- Special tricks to create dynamics from the bass 

- Tips & tricks for bassists looking to get creative, including an introduction to bass fills & examples

Includes over 2 hours of video, plus quizzes, tests & more to help you retain what you've learned.


BONUS: Coaching Community

Get personalized answers to your questions as you go through the courses.  Get feedback on videos of yourself playing.  Help other musicians & join our community.


Course #3: 
Music Theory & Ear Training
(Hear Worship By Ear)

By the end of this course, you'll know:

- How to use music theory to become a confident worship musician

- The Nashville number system and how it makes music make sense

- How to identify scale degrees, intervals & Nashville numbers by ear so you can play without a chord chart

- Smooth ways to modulate between keys

- Chord variants & inversions

- Advanced chords & concepts, such as jazz chords

- And much more!

Includes 5 hours of video, plus quizzes, tests & more to help you retain what you've learned.


Course #4: Leadership & Theology (Early Access*)
(Team Member -> Leader)

By the end of this course, you'll know:

- How to become a worship leader (or team member!) that worship teams LOVE to work with

- How to identify whether you're called to worship ministry

- Gospel-centered theology to lay the foundation for ministry effective leadership (cross-denominational)

- How to coach your team to greater quality while helping them feel valued & encouraged

- How to plan awesome worship sets, administration, job seeker tips and more! 

Includes over 5 hours of video, plus quizzes, tests & more to help you retain what you've learned.

*Course is in early access while 5% of videos are being reshot.  These video scripts are available in text format until videos are completed.


Course #5: 
Vocals (Sing With Authority)

By the end of this course, you'll know:

- How to unlock your voice to sing with power & authority 

- The fundamentals of vocal technique made simple & easy to understand, such as breathing, dynamics, diction, pitch, etc.

- In-depth demonstrations of good & bad technique so you can apply concepts & self teach

- Advanced tips for tight harmonies, killer vocal trios, engaging stage presence, effective leadership & deep spiritual maturity

- And much more!

Includes over 2 hours of video, plus quizzes, tests & more to help you retain what you've learned.


Are you ready?

To learn instruments quicker than you imagined?

To go deeper into worship ministry?

To get creative in your role?

I really believe you're going to enjoy it.

But even if you don't, there's a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee.

If you don't like it, just ask for a refund, no questions asked.

So what are you waiting for?


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All full courses by Zac

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All full courses by Zac

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Plus, More Courses On The Way...

Piano | Drums | Electric
All included in Core & Premium subscriptions. Currently in post-production.

Frequently Asked Questions

14 days, with a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee.

If you wish to avoid being charged during that time frame, please cancel your subscription before the trial ends.

  1. Get You Functional (this is the focus of Modules 1-3)
  2. Expand Your Toolbelt (we work on this in Modules 4-5)
  3. Prepare You Professionally (and creatively! The really fun stuff is typically in modules 6-8)
  1. They Save You Time - They are a system to get you functional and playing real worship songs quickly without feeling overwhelmed.
  2. Fun But Challenging  - ZJC courses challenge you via quizzes, tests and more to create resistance & test what you’ve learned.  This simulates what you would learn in private lessons, and makes it more likely that you will retain what you learn and take the learning beyond this course.
  3. Teach You “How To Fish” - I want you to become a self teacher.  These courses take techniques from private lessons & self-teaching experience to give you exercises that train your brain, and train you to learn how to create exercises to self teach new musical concepts.
  4. They Prepare You Professionally (And Creatively!)  - As a worship leader, this course is everything I would want you to know about playing on a worship team.  Serving on a team is more than playing the right notes.   These courses teach how to be an ideal team member, and are tailored for worship ministry preparation.

    The courses are based on 15 years of personal live experience on worship teams in non-orchestral roles (worship leading, acoustic, electric, bass, drums, keys, tech and more), plus composition training & arranging experience working with orchestral instruments.  When you put it all together, this allows me to take a holistic approach.  It allows me to share the unique things an ideal team member pays attention to, as well as how each role relates to other members of the team. 

    For example, this course talks about how bass players & drummers work together, as that's a key relationship for bass players.  Other roles have different things they need to focus on, and they will be covered in additional courses.

    There are also many things in ZJC courses that are based on two decades of broader ministry experience in over 400 churches across 45 US States & South Africa.  I draw from this experience to accelerate the journey of new worship leaders & team members.  In the courses, I do everything I can to make you more effective in your ministry as you serve your local church and beyond.
Full courses live:

Acoustic, Bass, Music Theory & Ear Training, Vocals

Early access:

Leadership & Theology

Status on future courses:

The next course will likely be Vocals.

We have completed shooting on all remaining courses:  Electric, Piano, Drums & Vocals.

This information is subject to change for any reason, is given as a courtesy, not a commitment.

All content is designed to work as a system to provide the essentials & help you self teach, without wasting your time with fluff.

There are over five hours of video divided into small 30 second to 7 minute chunks per topic.   We've tried to boil things down to the absolute essentials so it saves you time in the learning process.

This is a curated selection of what I consider to be the most important & relevant.  It is designed to launch you into serving on a worship team.

Total, there are well over 300 pieces of content over 24 full-length modules and 6 shorter intro & final exam modules. 

Each module has 2 quizzes (avg. 5 questions), 1 test (avg. 8 questions), 1 set of critical thinking questions (avg. 3 questions), 1 set of practice exercises (avg. 3 exercises), plus 1 record yourself upload where you upload smartphone video of yourself playing the concepts in this course. 

Absolutely! Supporting ZJC with a subscription makes it possible for us to update & improve content in the future as part of existing plans.  We've already added new videos to existing courses after launch.

We recommend one account per person.  Later on when we expand our services, if you want coaching calls or a certificate of completion in the future, it makes tracking quiz, test & Record Yourself results impossible to track when account sharing is going on.

However, sharing content within the same household is allowed.

Sharing outside of a household violates the Terms of Use.  In verifiable cases, you risk account suspension.

You are allowed to show someone content your subscription to encourage others to purchase their own subscription.

You are allowed to share an account with an immediate family member who is not living with you (such as a brother sharing an account with a sister who is away at college).

You are not allowed to share an account with anyone outside of your immediate family or household.

At this time, there are no specific song tutorials.  Copyright law allows us to link to Youtube & publicly available chord charts from other sites that have licensed them.  Hillsong & Vineyard Worship have both confirmed in writing this is acceptable under copyright law.

The focus of this course is self-teaching by finding & interpreting publicly available resources, which is how I self taught acoustic, bass & electric guitar. 

There are plenty of great worship song tutorial sites, especially with free trials, and you are welcome to use those alongside this course.

I recommend specific songs you learn at the end of the early modules, with some guidance, and then encourage you to learn your church's repertoire from your church PCO. 

We're here to help you!  Please report any issues you experience by clicking on "Contact Support" at the bottom of each page, or message us via LiveChat.

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