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Every course comes with multi-angle, professional-tier video that can be slowed down to 0.5x speed, along with detailed notes so you can follow along.

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Every course trains your brain via fun, repeatable quizzes, critical thinking questions, practice exercises and recording prompts to develop your musical mind.

Professional Preparation

Every course is comprehensively curated to guide you through the most important, advanced techniques you need in worship ministry.

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"Hey there, I'm Zac! I've served the past 17 years in worship ministry in all worship team roles, and I use that experience to develop musicians and worship leaders, such as yourself, all to the glory of God."


"I wanted to go from playing acoustic guitar while leading worship to playing electric guitar. Zac’s Electric Guitar course was exactly what I needed! He was able to break down the differences in a simple, digestible way that let me learn at my own pace."

Nic Bancroft
Worship Minister, Wilmington Church of Christ, Wilmington, OH

"The music theory class is what has really been most valuable so far! It's given me a start on learning basic chords on piano, but especially helped me on guitar when switching keys and understanding how to use my capo even better and communicate with the team members who are playing other instruments. It's also been a great help in regard to growing my abilities in rhythm and timing. I've had to move through it slowly (I try to get in a lesson every 2 weeks or so), but it's definitely been helpful for me as I'm seeking to grow in my abilities and serve my church. "

Joe Mieden
Associate Pastor of Youth & Family Ministries Willo-Hill Church, Willoughby, OH

"It was a real pleasure to use the ZJC courses to teach my son drums and my daughter piano. They were both able to advance quickly using the teachings. The lessons had an unexpected benefit, as I found I was actually learning as well! When I started playing music, I played by ear and never learned music theory. The ZJC lessons really got me interested in taking my music to the next level."

Mike O'Riley (Lamneck)
Worship Leader & Radio DJ, 88.9 WLRY

"Zac and Wendy led a great workshop for our team last August - the first in-person workshop our worship ministry has ever held. Zac was great about discussing beforehand the needs of our ministry and we ended up focusing on vocals. But it turned out to be so much more than a singing lesson; the passion they have for worship and heart for God’s people was inspiring. The live vocal coaching portion was amazing! Wendy easily pinpointed the areas that a singer needed to adjust and explained what to do in a clear and gentle way. We could all hear and see the difference the techniques made for our vocalists! The workshop has led to more confidence for our singers and has really encouraged us to work on our craft as musicians and worship leaders. I would highly recommend a ZJC workshop to any worship ministry!"

Lynn Davis
Worship Coordinator Grace Chapel, West Liberty, OH

"We are excited to partner with ZJC Worship to help us train up worship leaders in Africa. Your online courses are a tremendous resource for Christian musicians and church leaders in the US and abroad. Your excellent and thorough courses will help us fill a great need for teaching those in our international sponsorship program."

Dwayne Moore
Founder & President
Next Level Worship

"Having resources right in your town aren’t always possible when it comes to learning an instrument. Then if they are, the financial cost can become a burden. Zac James Creative was our answer to helping our son and many other students have all that they needed at their fingertips to learn and grow! Having this type of depth of knowledge available to everyone is a tremendous gift. "

Mark Elliott (Kristin & Micah)
Student Pastor
Spring Hills Baptist Church, Granville, OH

"Zac speaks with an authority that commands your attention, and combines it with a gentleness and humility that makes you WANT to hear what he's going to say next. He is knowledgeable beyond his years!"

Dr. Evie Parkhurst
Assistant Director of Campus Ministry,
The University of Findlay

"Our team was impressed at his ability to knowledgeably and capably teach multiple instruments, and with his leadership overall, sensing the love of Christ in the care and competence with which he leads."

Matt Ginter
Director of Campus Ministry,
The University of Findlay

"Zac’s coaching is insightful, encouraging and challenging. He quickly establishes rapport and is very knowledgeable...our team deeply appreciated his input and admired his character."

Dr. Josiah Parkhurst
Assistant Director of Campus Ministry,
The University of Findlay

"Zac encouraged me to push myself to grow in areas that I needed to work on with tact. He has an awesome ability to address someone in practice and encourage them while still acknowledging the area of growth."

Daniel Barnes
Worship Leader,
Quest Community Church

"I've learned so much by following the progression of the courses...if you're on the fence about looking into these worship courses, I would encourage you to just go for it & jump off the fence."

Cody Towell
Worship Leader

"I never thought I could be part of the team...Zac was very patient and helpful...setting clear goals and guidance as I steadily improved...I've been on the team for close to two years and love every minute."

Elsabé Fourie
Quest Community Church

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. They Save You Time - They are a system to get you functional and playing real worship songs quickly without feeling overwhelmed.
  2. Fun But Challenging  - ZJC courses challenge you via quizzes, tests and more to create resistance & test what you’ve learned.  This simulates what you would learn in private lessons, and makes it more likely that you will retain what you learn and take the learning beyond this course.
  3. Teach You “How To Fish” - I want you to become a self teacher.  These courses take techniques from private lessons & self-teaching experience to give you exercises that train your brain, and train you to learn how to create exercises to self teach new musical concepts.
  4. They Prepare You Professionally (And Creatively!)  - As a worship leader, this course is everything I would want you to know about playing on a worship team.  Serving on a team is more than playing the right notes.   These courses teach how to be an ideal team member, and are tailored for worship ministry preparation.

    The courses are based on 15 years of personal live experience on worship teams in non-orchestral roles (worship leading, acoustic, electric, bass, drums, keys, tech and more), plus composition training & arranging experience working with orchestral instruments.  When you put it all together, this allows me to take a holistic approach.  It allows me to share the unique things an ideal team member pays attention to, as well as how each role relates to other members of the team. 

    For example, this course talks about how bass players & drummers work together, as that's a key relationship for bass players.  Other roles have different things they need to focus on, and they will be covered in additional courses.

    There are also many things in ZJC courses that are influenced by over two decades of broader ministry experience in over 400 churches across 45 US States, Canada & South Africa.  I draw from this experience to accelerate the journey of new worship leaders & team members.  In the courses, I do everything I can to make you more effective in your ministry as you serve your local church and beyond.
  1. Get You Functional (this is the focus of Modules 1-3)
  2. Expand Your Toolbelt (we work on this in Modules 4-5)
  3. Prepare You Professionally (and creatively! The really creative, advanced stuff is typically in modules 6-8)

We're here to help you!  Please report any issues you experience by clicking on "Contact Support" at the bottom of each page, or message us via LiveChat.

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